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Pallas Enterprise is a practice development partner for plaintiff-side attorneys specializing in mass arbitration and portfolio litigation. Pallas helps attorneys identify, acquire, and manage mass arbitration portfolios. The agency has found a way to make mass arbitration accessible and manageable for plaintiff-side law firms of all sizes.

Aside from its mass arbitration program, Pallas provides a wide range of digital services: from brand design and organic growth to lead generation and client retention automation. The agency creates impactful brands for consumer attorneys and fuels them with social media and other direct response campaigns.

Pallas was founded by Sofia Wadler, LL.M. Sofia combines her background in law with her experience in advertising and business to create unique and outside-of-the-box business and marketing solutions for plaintiff-side attorneys.

Pallas is a proud supporter of the plaintiff-oriented Mass Arbitration Summit. Sofia is honored to have been asked to host the 2022 Mass Arbitration Summit in San Diego, CA on Feb. 24, 2022.

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