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Content Marketing v. Paid Advertising for Law Firms.

Content promotion is a great branding tool that can help you improve your brand visibility, build a following, establish authority, and engage potential customers. Content promotion includes creating and sharing engaging content, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, doing webinars and otherwise engaging with your prospects on social media.Some people may say that one of the advantages of this tool is that it’s free.

Well… while you don’t have to pay Facebook/Instagram to promote your content, the amount of work that is required to successfully execute this strategy is significant. Time is money, and you will eventually end up hiring someone to do it for you. So, no – it is not free. But you don’t pay the platforms for the promotion like you do in case of paid social media marketing.

Paid social media marketing is a direct marketing tool. It’s best suited for reaching specific customers with a narrowly tailored message. Let’s say you are looking for a class rep for a specific class action. Or for employees discriminated in a certain way. Or maybe you would like to represent victims of a certain wildfire. Paid social media ads are your best friends!

Paid advertisement is a quick, scalable, and effective way to find as many clients as you need when you need them. While you also may be able to generate many clients via content promotion, the content promotion won’t allow you to do it as fast and with the same level of flexibility as paid ads would.
It is a wise strategy for a law firm to combine both types of social media marketing as they complement each other very well!

About Pallas Marketing Agency for Law Firms Pallas is a marketing agency for ambitious and committed lawyers and law firm owners. The agency specializes in direct response social media campaigns and offers 1. ethical, 2. transparent, and 3. highly effective advertising options for lawyers. We deliver leads and clients in the following legal verticals:

  • Class Actions,
  • Mass Torts,
  • Consumer Law,
  • Plaintiff-side Employment Litigation,
  • Wildfire Cases,
  • Personal Injury Cases.

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