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Employment Law Marketing

Our employment law marketing team at Pallas Athena has generated hundreds of misclassification and sexual harassment cases for employment lawyers.

Paid social media marketing is a great tool for lawyers that want to be in control of their practice. It allows lawyers to generate on-demand employment cases in a matter of days. This is especially true in this time of a global pandemic as more people than ever lost their jobs. Employment lawyers looking for wrongful termination, retaliation, or other employment cases can use Facebook advertising to promptly reach their potential clients.

Below, please find actual RESULTS that we produced for employment lawyers.

Employment Law Marketing Campaign:

 Rideshare drivers’ misclassification; California

Marketing channels:

 Facebook paid advertisement

Cost per completed intake (lead):

 $0.64 – $1.90

Employment Marketing Campaign:

 Workplace harassment – LGBT

Marketing channels:

 Facebook paid advertisement.

Cost per inatke (lead):

 $13.35 – $50.64