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Lawyering in Wonderland: legal battlefields and the hidden world of arbitration.

Written by Sofia Wadler

08/01/2021, San Diego, CA

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – an 1865 novel by English author Lewis Carroll – starts with a character named Alice chasing a white rabbit and following it down the rabbit hole where she discovers a hidden world.

This novel – and the image of Wonderland – came to my mind as I was reading the news articles’ headlines this morning.

It feels like my local legal market (here in San Diego) turned into a battlefield and a live illustration of the best strategies from the Art of War.

The truth, however, is that personal injury space has always been a battlefield. So has the class action space. Wildfire litigation space. Some popular mass torts. And as much as I enjoy the thrill of competition, I always felt that the true victory (in my personal view) often lies in not having to set foot on the battlefield.

The invisible world of arbitration.

But If I told you that somewhere down the rabbit hole, there is a hidden world where hundreds of cases are being acquired, litigated, and settled every day in the most discreet manner.

Where attorneys reach 6- and 7-figure settlements without any publicity.

Where you can make a mistake or reach outstanding results, and either will stay private.

The world of which most lawyers are unaware. And from those who know about it, many are unequipped to navigate it (tech- and operations-wise).

Well. Welcome to the hidden world of mas arbitration.

While rabbit from Alice in Wonderland illustration for an article Lawyering in Wonderland: legal battles and the hidden world of arbitration by Sofia Wadler.